Beach Resort That Allows Toddlers |Our First Beach Trip Since Pandemic |Camayan Beach Resort Subic | December 20-21, 2020

Beach Resort That Allows Toddlers |Our First Beach Trip Since Pandemic |Camayan Beach Resort Subic | December 20-21, 2020

Finally, after 10 looong months… We are back on the beach!

We all cannot imagine the amount of stress that this pandemic and the strict quarantine protocols have given us. The mental health trials we faced, including the psychological consequence of this to our kids, is no joke.

My kids are used to being outside. Their playground is nature. It would always break my heart every time they’d ask us “When can we go out? When can we go to the beach?”

So, when we received the news that some places are already letting kids, I inquired about beach resorts and hotels with safety protocols for children. Our kids need to breathe outside too!

I was so glad Camayan Beach Resort Hotel welcomed us and gave us a good break. My husband and I lived in Subic before we had kids, and we were Camayan’s suki for Day tours whenever we wanted a nice beach inside SBMA.

 We stayed before Christmas (December 21 to 22, 2020) and here are our Reviews:

  • Room – The room was clean but obviously old. The hot shower was not working. I would suggest to the hotel to do plumbing checks and work. We paid 6,500 pesos for a night and the room has 2 queen-sized beds. It was comfortable. It was not perfect but to us, it was so special because we were waiting for this for the longest time.
  • View – The ambiance here is refreshing. You will have a sea view and a view of greens too. Just be careful and aware of monkeys.
  • Beach – The beach in Camayan is one of the cleanest I have seen inside SBMA. The sand looks white and there was no rubbish everywhere.
  • Swimming Pool – The pool looks clean and well maintained. There was always a lifeguard on duty. I liked the size of the pool.
  • Restaurant / Food – We all liked the food – presentation, the price, and serving size. You get what you pay for. The only food I didn’t like was the sisig – and it is because I am from Angeles City Pampanga, where this dish is originated. I know that sisig must not have eggs and mayo! haha
  • Staffs – All the staff we encountered tried their best to be helpful and accommodating. I highly respect all kinds of front-liners who are risking their health to give the best service for their clients.
  • Location – It is easy to find. Driving is convenient. The resort hotel is right next to Ocean Adventure.

During our stay here, the rules were less strict – all we needed to present to the reception before checked in were our ID’s. No check points encountered. However, rules and protocols change every now and then, so better check before scheduling.

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