The Struggle is REAL in Online Schooling


Hello! How is everyone going?    

This post is dedicated to all mummies in the Philippines with kids going back to school (virtually).   

Covid19 has changed everything including the Education System. Face to Face classes is of course impossible now, so, the alternative is online and modular learning.   

My sharing is about my experience during our first week of online classes…   

My daughter is now in First Grade.   

Most of my family and friends know that I am grateful and blessed because we were able to prepare our finances to send our kid to a good school. But then, I sincerely feel for most Filipino kids who can hardly go to (online) school this year. A few reasons are:  

  • Not everyone can afford gadgets like computer, laptop, tablets, or cellphones.   
  • Some kids live with their grandparents who have lesser to zero knowledge about gadgets.   
  • Other parents are “no read, no write”   
  • Teachers’ load of work is doubled.   

I know DepEd has answers and solutions, but I truly think that the struggle is REAL.   

These were the struggles I observed during our first week:   

  1. Internet Connection will fail you!   

Sorry not sorry, but I think all internet providers give us disappointment. I don’t need to elaborate this further, kasi naman, we are aware that everyone is complaining about this. Normally the internet is slow or not working at all. The tendency is, parents and kids get frustrated when they miss a few lessons or teacher’s explanations.  Even the teacher is encountering technical problems during our first week.  

— Suggested Solution: This will cost more but what I do is have a backup internet ready. I purchase a cellphone load for the Data if my Internet provider will fail.  

2. “Bakit parang ako ang nag-enrol?”   

The Meme of Bea Alonzo that is trending on Social Media is real. All parents feel the same way. I feel that I am again a full-time student (aside from being a full-time mom). I got some part-time online jobs that I had to turn down because the online schooling of a child is time-consuming. I always have to sit next to her during her online classes. Not everything can be understood by the kids without clarification or repetition by the parent or guardian. During offline work, I also have to concentrate on her to make sure she can follow. So yeah, it’s like I am back to Grade 1 now. While there are some mums who can do it all, let us not look down on other mums who are to choose only a few priorities. Opting to lessen our loads does not make us less of a superwoman mum. I know some friends who had to resign and leave their careers just to focus on teaching their kids.

— Suggested Solution: Time Management. This is always the answer when we try to be more productive and accomplished. Make a schedule and see to it you allot time for all your task as a parent and now, as a teacher of your kid.  


3. Loaded with Offline School Work   

This is the complaint of all the parents and students I have talked to. Since the activities done during the online classes are only limited, the tendency now is they give heaps of assignments to be done offline so that they can cope up with all the lessons.   

— Suggested Solution: Time Management as well. Make sure to make a schedule or routine that will lead to creating techniques on how to accomplish each task. In our case, it is only our first week so we have to consider the other child’s (my other son) feeding, playing, and napping time.  

4. Less Motivation and More Distractions.   

When you are inside the house, it is easy to see and reach the bedroom and the playroom. Meaning, it is quicker to be tempted to play, lay on the bed, or watch TV. The noise of other members of the family living in the same house also attracts distraction. Our number one interference is my other kid who also needs my full-time care, not to mention he is still breastfed. So, yes, it is not easy. There was one time I almost wanted to cry because my student is having an activity so she needed my assistance and then my son was crying who wanted no one but me. It can be frustrating.  

— Suggested Solution: Ask For HELP. Parents, admit it or not, you need help in this challenging time. Since Covid19 started, I asked my parents to stay with us temporarily to ensure everybody’s safety. And it has been one of the best decisions my husband and I made. Thank God for grandparents! They keep the younger ones busy while I focus on the student during online classes.  My mum and dad are my heroes! 

— Another Suggestion is to Keep an Enticing Environment. Be creative in having a school feels inside the house. Make a room that has proper lighting, accessible with school materials, and make sure it is clean. I guess it is a plus point that my daughter’s school requires wearing of complete school uniform so kids can feel that they are really in a school setting.  

5. Pa-Bida classmates Exist. Haha   

Online classes require the students to be on mute almost all the time unless there is a question or recitation. However, you will notice that there are stubborn kids who keep on unmuting their microphones even though they are being warned. Good thing is that it doesn’t bother me because I find my daughter’s classmates so cute. Haha  

— Suggested Solution: There is no solution to other kids’ attitude, but make sure as parents we keep on reminding our kids to follow instructions. This is also a good start to help our kids learn the value of Self-Discipline.  

6. Diminished Social Interaction   

Three years ago, when my daughter was nearly three years old, she felt that she wanted to see other kids every day. This was one of the reasons why we decided to send her to school – to have more social interaction since we live in a quiet subdivision. And then this COVID 19 came! I feel for the kids who are locked in their houses, especially mine who are used to traveling and doing outdoor stuff. I always believe that the environment and the people we encounter can help in molding the children. Their teachers and their bond with classmates can help develop their personalities, but Covid is ruining it. Oh well… 

— Suggested Solution: For now, we only have limited options. As much as we want to minimize their screen time, I let my kids video chat with her cousins and friends. We are also blessed to have a big space with open air in our lot where they can play and run around. 

♡♡♡ It is a struggle. However, we are parents and we gotta do what we gotta do. Children are our responsibilities, not burdens. PSALM 127:3 says “Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward from HIM.”  

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