Hotel Review: Family (Pre Valentines) Holiday at Xenia Hotel (February 1 – 2, 2020)

Hotel Review: Family (Pre Valentines) Holiday at Xenia Hotel (February 1 – 2, 2020)

On the 1st of February 2020, we all of a sudden decided to surprise our kids and get a hotel room somewhere in Clark that we have never been or stayed before.

This is because my husband is going away for work on the 4th and we usually spend family quality time before he leaves. Plus, it is love month. So, we just felt like celebrating, because, why not?

We always believe that the bonding and memories we create with our children are priceless and irreplaceable.

At lunchtime on the 1st of February, which was Saturday, I searched for hotels in Agoda and found Xenia Hotel which we have not tried yet.

As a family, here is our review on XENIA HOTEL:

CUSTOMER SERVICE – The receptionists were okay. They were probably tired and did not smile much by the time I was checking in. The restaurant staffs were okay too. They were accommodating.

During our stay, my husband got an email from work and he needed to use a computer and scanner for some papers. I rang the customer service and asked if I can use their computer and I was willing to pay. The lady said I have to send everything to their email and they will print them for us. And they agree about the payment. My husband followed their instructions and went downstairs to the reception to get his papers. There was a guy receptionist who wasn’t friendly at all and wanted my husband to just get the papers and pay. However, there was a supervisor around who heard everything and offered more help to my husband. She even said it is all for free. What a great customer service! We were pleased. Her name is Grace, by the way.

VALUE FOR MONEY – their cheapest room is Php 8,000.  I got ours for Php 4,000 plus taxes and it comes with buffet breakfast for two. Thanks to Agoda for the discount.

FACILITIES – One of the reasons we go to hotels is that we love to hang out at the pool. The kids love swimming and I love eating. Haha I love it when the pool has a nice view while I watch my family swim while I enjoy some nibbles and drinks. But this hotel quite disappointed me with this matter. Food and drinks are not allowed in the pool area.

Also, there is no playground in this hotel. Playground is one of the things my kids look forward to seeing at hotels.

Photos at the pool area:

FOOD – We all enjoyed the food. We ordered room service food for our late lunch and it looked and tasted lovely. We also availed the Dinner Buffett and we were amazed because it only costs Php 499 per person. The quality of the food served makes us say the price is worth it.

Our Late lunch order

The Dinner Buffet:

ROOM – The room was spacious. There was a couch where we watched TV and hang out. The bed was comfortable but it is small. They claimed it is a King Sized bed but we refused to believe. Haha The bathroom was good but the shower handle was broken. It did not bother us as it was still functioning.

OTHERS – I reckon this hotel is also more of a long-term stay for Koreans. While swimming, we noticed the clothes hanging on verandas.

  • Are we going back?

Maybe not. It was an okay stay, but for the rate, we prefer to experience other places that got more kids-friendly facilities.


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