4 Best Things to Have on VALENTINE’s DAY

4 Best Things to Have on VALENTINE’s DAY

Did you know that I did not receive flowers nor chocolates today from my husband for Valentine’s Day? Did you also know that for the past 8 years, he only gave me Valentine’s surprise ONLY twice?

Guess what?

I do not mind. I am not bitter nor jealous. I am impeccably happy. (I receive presents without special reason and occasion by the way.)

I am not also saying that you should prefer not to get special presents today.

Men, it is totally great to follow the trend and give your special someone some flowers and chocolates.

Ladies, it is perfectly fine to feel that joy and “kilig” when you receive them and flaunt them on social media. I do the same when I am overjoyed.

Conversely, I would just like to share my personal views about more precious things that we must have on Valentine’s Day.

  1. GRATEFUL HEART. Today and always, have a heart that is thankful, positive and grateful for everything that we receive. Whether you got a bouquet of flowers or just a piece of rose, whether you got a box of Ferrero Roche or just a piece of ChocoMani, whether you got something today or not, be grateful for the act of love. The secret of being grateful and happy is CONTENTMENT. Do NOT ever COMPARE what you received from what others got. Do not compare your partner. Do not compare the celebration they do from yours. Do not compare and do not be jealous. Be understanding and just appreciate what your loved one is capable to do and give you. Remember, each Love Story is Unique. When you are truly in love anyway, you ACCEPT everything, not just the good ones but including the ones that could still improve.
  2. SINCERITY. Be sincere on Valentine’s Day. I know you are not just wanting to have something to post on Social Media and be on the trend. So keep on doing things out of authenticity and faithfulness. Don’t stop posting if it makes you happy, hey. You never know, you probably are an inspiration of how to be a genuine and loving couple.
  3. EFFORT. Be determined to show him or her how much you love and care. It could be through a tangible gift that you have been preparing and saving for. It can be your precious TIME. It can also be your energy and yourself – act of love and kindness (can be chores as well, I know fellow mums appreciate this.) How sweet it is when someone we love makes an effort just to see our exquisite smile!
  4. CONSISTENT LOVE. Even the Bible teaches us that Love has no end. Let us start to realize this today. So when we love, we love with no conditions, we love with no occasions. We love unfailingly, through the highest and lowest phases of our lives. It is hard to be consistent especially when our partner experiences failures, stress, pains, frustrations, and mood swings. But this is how love becomes real. Even when we struggle, we love. I personally think I am so difficult to love when my mood swings attack. Thanks to my husband, I know it’s hard but up to this time he still sticks around because of consistent love.

Nevertheless, Make your partner feel so LOVED and so SPECIAL, every day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Happy Sweetheart Day! 💕

Random Celebration of L.O.V.E.
Yes, I was only drinking that strawberry juice.lol

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