Our Vigan Stay in a Unique Way (At J&A Transient) | December 29, 2019 | Things To Do in Vigan

Our Vigan Stay in a Unique Way (At J&A Transient) | December 29, 2019 | Things To Do in Vigan

It’s a brand new day! After breakfast and check out at La Playa Ursula, La Union, we continued our journey and drove up to Vigan – the famous place for its preserved Spanish colonial and Asian Architecture.

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I have visited Vigan for countless of times as it is one of our consistent stopovers when we want to have a break from our long drive to the North. From the first time I went here, up to this time, it has always been very busy and crowded. This is my only complaint though. Every tourist and food spots are constantly full.

However, each stopover was memorable and pleasant. The first tour I had here was a “just the two of us” trip (me and my ex-boyfriend, now my husband). I remember there were also times we took my mum-in-law, and then my parents and sisters, our daughter, and then now with our youngest child – our son’s first time.

Before leaving La Union, we were looking at Airbnb.com for a place to stay in Vigan. And this is how we found this J&A Transient. It was very enticing, just because it was unique. We did not see other rooms but we saw the ads with Tents in the Balcony and the rate published was only Php 1000 for four pax. And this price was for the busy season already.

This is the ad with non-peak season rate. (You are welcome Jojo and Airbnb.lol)

I booked it right away because it was cheap and the photos of the view looked very nice.

So on our second-night traveling, we slept in a tent, on a terrace.

Bathrooms and toilets were shared. Other guests were staying when we were there. The place was cheap and okay. I must say you get what you pay for. Lucky us, it did not rain during our stay. The owner of the place call “Jojo” was nice and helpful.

Since we have been to the touristy places in Vigan before, we did not do much here this time especially that the kids were difficult. You know, Noah cannot settle down easily when he is tired and not comfortable.

So the few things we have done here on our one-night-stay were:

  • Ate Empanadas. Because, why not? Your trip to Vigan will not be complete without trying their signature Vigan Empanada paired with Ilocos vinegar. Yuum!! This is my mum-in-law’s favorite! Typically, an Empanada is made of eggs, shredded papaya (or other vegetables) and their well-known Vigan Longganisa.
My handsome husband with his Empanada
  • Shopping at the Market (Tyangge), Plaza Vigan. From our accommodation, we took a tricycle to go to the Plaza because traffic due to many one way streets were bad. We bought some extra clothes to save us from doing laundry during the trip because we plan to go from one place to another, some car charger, hat and other necessities we missed to take from home. And of course, we got them cheaper here than from shopping malls.
Tricycle ride on the way to Plaza. Kids love the tric ride!
  • Watched the Majestic Dancing Fountain. This is probably the highlight of our Vigan stay. For the second time for me Rhys and Lexi, we watched the stunning dancing fountains.
  • Camped in a Terrace. Well, my family likes camping and so experiencing this unique camp is great. It just gave us an idea, maybe this weekend we’ll camp on our terrace at home and set up some movies with popcorns.

I’m sure this won’t be the last time we’ll be visiting Vigan. If you haven’t been here yet, go and try. There are many appealing things to do and see here, like:

  • The walk Tour at Calle Crisologo
  • Visit Father Burgos’ House “Bahay na Bato”
  • Bantay Bell Tower
  • The Weaving Community
  • Baluarte Zoo
  • The Crisologo Museum
  • Experience the Vigan  Kalesa Ride
  • Have lunch at Hidden Garden
  • Learn the process of molding clay into jars (Pagburnayan)

And many more…

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