Our (After Christmas) Family Escapade for Ten Days | WHY DO WE DO FAMILY TRIPS?

Our (After Christmas) Family Escapade for Ten Days | WHY DO WE DO FAMILY TRIPS?

Christmas season is routinely very eventful and a bit wearing – from the Simbang Gabi (Night Masses / Misa de Gallo), Christmas parties, Noche Buena, family reunion, giving of presents (Aguinaldos), to hosting the youth for our church for their Christmas Institute.

Christmas is normally doing things and exerting effort for everyone around us, a customary way to show our love. And so this is why my husband decided to take us away so that after everybody else received our love, it is now our time to give ourselves some love – through family time, just us four.

After all the tasks we accomplished, we only got 10 days left before Lexi’s school reopens for 2020. So we maximized our days and enjoyed our time away.

What did we do from December 28, 2019, to January 6, 2020?

  • We mainly drove, northbound. We traveled and tried new places we have never been to. We opted to do this so Rhys could have at least three days to kitesurf while we still enjoy our family holiday. As you know, we used to drive up to the North regularly for one to two months for him to kite during kitesurfing season – but it all changed when we had kids, especially when Lexi became a schoolgirl.
  • We ate yummy food. Kids had lots of swimming, of course.
  • We had some catching ups with old friends who now live there.

Where did we stay?

(Please click each date/place above and it will lead you to the link for each blog or story about every place we have stayed.)



  1. Money comes and goes, Memories last FOREVER. Collecting family moments is just so precious. As human beings, we work hard to save money to achieve our goals and dreams. But we sometimes forget to pause and to remember the real purpose of why we work. We work for the future, for a good and comfortable life, for the food to put on the table… for our family! As I said, money comes and goes. That is why for us, we consider ‘Travels’ as one of our family’s priorities. Life is short and every tomorrow is not guaranteed. Therefore, it is best to create beautiful family memories, every time we can, every chance we get. Spending quality time is priceless. The magic of every moment and experience share when traveling is everlasting. It is not bad to save money for material things, but what I’m saying here is that every beautiful family moment we create is inexplicably worth to be collecting. These are the collections that no one can take away from you. They are the ones you can think of every day to make you smile and reminisce about life’s goodness.
  2. Travel helps us FOCUS on each other  on showing love and affection to each family member. When we are on holidays, we eat out. This means we share good food altogether. We do activities like sightseeing, swimming, walking, playing, and many more. We laugh together. We watch each other. We witness how our kids learn outdoor activities. We discover the skills of our kids. (Like for example, this trip revealed that Lexi loves riding the waves.) We use lesser gadgets because we focus on our time being spent with each other.
  3. It is refreshing. I love our new home, okay? But being outside and being at new places gives me refreshments. Well, isn’t relaxing when you get to eat and not spend a long time preparing and cooking every meal? And not need to wash the dishes! I mean, love doing those things for my family but I also love it when I get a break.
  4. We get to SEE and LEARN the BEAUTY and VALUE of LIFE and NATURE. Every trip is an eye-opener. You know, we always learn something new – some facts about the places we go to, the popular sights and food, and even the people who contributed to the place. We also get the chance to see and love nature. How wonderful God creations are! We get to realize how blessed we are to witness every place and to encounter locals. For our kids, as young as they are now, they can start to be open-minded to understand how blessed they are just by seeing new places and playing with every new kid they meet. For me and Rhys, we get to be more affectionate and patient with each other as we cherish every moment (and money) spent! Not everyone is given the time and chance to travel, so whenever we get the opportunity, we truly appreciate and value every moment.

Looking forward to having more family trips and more stories (blogs) to write and share with you!

Random photos from our ten-day-family-trip:

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