First of Ten – La Playa Ursula Beachfront Resort, La Union | December 28, 2019

First of Ten – La Playa Ursula Beachfront Resort, La Union | December 28, 2019

Traveling with kids is never easy. In fact, on our first day (1/10) hitting the road, we did not have a great start. Our son and I were just healing from flu due to the Christmas season and as soon as we left the house, Lexi and I felt car sick already!

It was indeed a loooooong drive. It felt long. We had to do a stop-over at SCTEX gas station to get food and drinks and try to rest and relieve our dizziness. Not sure if it was because of the big van we were using that time, or it was just that I wasn’t feeling well in the beginning.

I did not pay much attention to my watch but I know we left around lunchtime and we arrived at 6 pm.

Our first stop: La Union.

We were not meant to drive as far at San Juan but because I was looking for ATM to get money, we went that far.

We stopped at San Juan, La Union to look for room accommodation and to have dinner.

To our surprise, it was incredibly busy! It was a weekend and everything was fully booked. I was still dizzy so we just had a quick dinner at this barbeque place and then drove again to find a place to rest.

Upon driving, all the hotels we saw on the road were fully-booked until we reached Bacnotan, La Union. We were lucky enough to find this place called La Playa Ursula. It was about 20 minutes away from San Juan – the surfing capital.

Well, we had an amazing one-night-stay in La Playa Ursula because:

  • We enjoyed the night swim as soon as we arrived. The pool was nice with a gorgeous view.
  • The staffs were friendly, accommodating and helpful. I like it when I come across nice people. It just lightens up my load.
  • We paid Php 2800 for one night and it was reasonable compared to other places nearby that charge higher with the same service we get.
  • Free breakfast for two was offered. It was a basic Filipino breakfast that comes with instant coffee of Milo.
  • There was a hot shower! Every time we get a room, having a hot shower is already a treat for us. We don’t get this every trip, especially when we have a set budget.
  • Rooms are clean, decent size. We had a double-sized bed. And we fit. (Us four can do magic. Lol)
  • They got a small playground for kids.

All in all, our short stay here was great. What a good way to start for more travel days!

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When we arrived at SanJuan beach looking for rooms
They give this breakfast choices at night so they can prepare your food the next day.
the bedroom. yes, we all fit in that bed. magic?
tv with cable
night swim
during breakky
kids at the playground

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