Our Trip to Bolinao Pangasinan | Birdland Beach Club | December 4-5, 2019

Our Trip to Bolinao Pangasinan | Birdland Beach Club | December 4-5, 2019

Every time we plan a family trip, we sit down as a couple and talk about the things we have to consider:

  • Are we going to try a new place we have never been to?
  • Are we going back somewhere we have been before that we quite enjoyed?
  • Is the place going to be kids-friendly?
  • What to prepare for travel?

So this time, our destination is… BOLINAO (Pangasinan). I have been to Pangasinan several years ago when I was still single and younger. We had a trip to Hundred Islands, Alaminos Pangasinan with my cousins, so, this is the first time for my kids to go and try Pangasinan.


I chose this place because I have been seeing and reading good reviews about the white beach in Patar, Bolinao. So, we have looked on the internet for places to visit and stay. Hence, the Birdland Beach Club caught our attention. We booked one night here to see first what is there, to see if we like it and extend or if we feel like looking somewhere else to stay for the next days.

So, the drive to this place is easy if you have WAZE or GOOGLE MAPS handy. As for us, every time we travel, GOOGLE MAPS is what we are comfortable using. It was a total of 5 hours travel from home to the hotel (destination), this is including our stopovers which are:

  • We had to get 1 tire Vulcanized
  • Put Fuel
  • 1 toilet break at Petron SCTEX
  • A stop at TPLEX entrance to Purchase RFID-ETC Car sticker
Lexi at Petron SCTEX while on weewee break
Here is the (Autosweep RFID) Card that we purchased. We have both this one and the (Easytrip RFID).
They are simply one of the best purchases in our lives.
FYI: Easytrip works at NLEX, CAVITEX, and SCTEX.
Autosweep works at SLEX, NAIAX, and TPLEX.
They can be purchased at most expressway entrances.

OUR ARRIVAL at Birdland Beach Club…

We arrived at 3:00 pm and we were all feeling tired and hungry. Kids, however, were okay and I am just thankful they sat quietly in their car seats the whole travel time (Thanks to the help of Nursery Rhymes – yes gadgets to watch, chocolates and biscuits to keep them happy).

kids on a long drive


I guess it was not one of the best places we have tried.

The downside of the place:

  • Staffs were not well trained. When we arrived, there was no one at the front desk. Several big dogs welcomed us with their loud barks. Both Lexi and Noah got scared. I know my kids love animals but anyone will get scared if they get swift surprise by big animals, right? And then the two ladies finally came up to us. I gave them the paper that has our booking. I booked through AGODA by the way. After that, they were not sure what to do. I had to ask for the owner/manager to talk to me.
  • Everything is PRICEY. I booked a room called “Ella Fitzgerald Room” and it costs Php 3,995. I chose this room because it was advertised that it is good or 4 pax, has one queen and two single beds. I got fooled by their ad. We found out it was only one bed (double-sized). Be informed that if you looked in Agoda, the names of rooms are different from the ones on their website. Food is overpriced and they were slow to prepare. It was nothing special when served. I suggest you read reviews from Agoda and Trip Advisor to see more testimonies about what I am talking about.

(Below are photos of our food. A total of Php3,900 was our food bill and that is for lunch, dinner and breakfast the next day.)

One of the signs around the area you will see, that needs repair.

The good side is:

  • The view is STUNNING. Come here if you love nature. My husband and I love the concept of their place. It just needs frequent or proper maintenance, well-trained staff, and reasonable price. If you are millennials who love traveling, this is good for you. The kubos on trees are for younger people as I cannot imagine my mum and aunts going up the stairs made of branches.


So, to encapsulate our Bolinao trip, I must say it was fun, quiet and divine. We only stayed for two days. Sadly, my husband got sick so we had to cut the trip on our second day. Kids had a great swim and play at the pool and the beach. I enjoyed the natural scenery. We had a quick look at Patar White beach before we drove back home.

Some photos from our family trip… Quality time…

quick sightseeing at Patar White beach

We will go back for the waterfalls, and other touristy activities soon.

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