Happy 5th Birthday, My First Born!

Happy 5th Birthday, My First Born!

Five years ago, I birthed my daughter Lexi Beatrix. It was the same moment when she birthed me. A ‘new me’ was born. I became a mother and my life has changed.

It has been five years full of wonderful memories: there have been excitement, joy, play time, travels, parties, laughter, road trips, and a lot more fun moments! There were also countless of mess, cries, hospital stays, checkups, mood swings (for mum and Lexi), tantrums, and disagreements and many more to mention.

In five years, we stayed and moved in five houses, and this year our dream house has finally been built. We have had seven house helpers too since you were born. You have experienced 14 airplane rides, numerous trips and holidays (Such a lucky girl) in Australia and from Luzon to Mindanao, what I’m saying is, So many things have happened, lots of big experiences, only in five years time.

Lexi, you have been growing into a beautiful, friendly, appreciative, adventurous, sporty, outdoor kind and funny girl. Your five years of existence has given me all the reasons to be grateful each day and to look forward to every tomorrow. While I always tell you that you are a blessed girl, I’d like you to know that we are equally blessed to have you as our daughter.

Your dad and I, plus your little brother, love you heaps and will always celebrate your life.  Happy birthday my love. You, just enjoying your life, already makes us proud.


Our daughter’s fifth birthday celebrations were simple yet remarkable.

She had a morning surprise on her birthday. My family was there and I felt her joy and excitement. The day before that, she had simple celebration / party in school with her classmates.

Sharing with you below is a video of her 5th birthday celebrations.

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