Stormy yet Sweet Holiday at Puesta del Sol Villas

Stormy yet Sweet Holiday at Puesta del Sol Villas

Lately, classes are being suspended almost every week, by our city mayor, due to bad weather / heavy rains. This is kind of preventing us from going outside to do stuffs. But it doesn’t stop us from going to the beach. 😊 Our family’s summer is spent 365 days a year if time and funds permit. We live in a city and always long to be in a quiet beach, listen to the beautiful sound of the waves, nice sun and sand, wide playground for the kids and away from the busy streets.

After checking out the beach around Morong Bataan a few days ago, we decided to spend our weekend (Thursday to Sunday) here as our family getaway and husband’s chance to surf or kite. 

We picked PUESTA del SOL Villas for our first night’s stay. (September 19-20, 2019) We have been here a few days ago for our lunch stop over and we liked the people and surroundings, hence we are back for a stay. 

In front of Puesta del Sol Villas

PUESTA del SOL villas is located at The Strand Subdivision, Barrio Nagbalayong, Morong. It is just a two hour drive from Clark. Drive via SCTEX, follow the way going to Anvaya Cove and you will see signs.

So, let me share with you our experience in this place.

πŸ’— The staffs are friendly and extended effort to make our stay worthy.

– The two receptionist ladies (ate Kei and ate Karen) I hope I remembered their names correctly, are all smiles and helpful every time they talk to us. They were so fond of my kids and even offered to look after them.

– The Life guard is nice. He helped my husband set up his kite surfing gears, helped him launch and land his kite. He was chatty and friendly as well.

πŸ’— The rooms have okay space and they are clean. They got basic appliances too. Well, they’re not perfect but we were comfortable enough. We had a problem actually with the first Villa they gave us. An hour after check in, the bed frame fell off. I was thinking if I was that heavy because I was the only one on it. Anyhow, the staffs were quick enough to move us to another villa. They were apologetic so I didn’t mind it at all. My husband was in the beach when this happened.

πŸ’— The swimming pool is clean and looking stunning. My family swam even under the rain. As usual. 

Swimming Pool Photos:

πŸ’— The beach is clean. I didn’t notice piles of rubbish hanging out in the beach. We also see staffs cleaning every now and then.

Photos at the beach:

πŸ’— Restaurant offers basic food on their menu but so tasty and good price. This hotel is 1 and a half year old by the way, and they’re looking into improving it even more.

dinner time!
Breakfast by the pool

πŸ’—Rates are okay if you will compare the place to all other resorts in the area. You can hardly find cheap hotels here. We got a rainy day discount during our stay. They also have Day tour and it is very reasonable.

The photo is a bit blurry so here is the list of their Rate:

Villa for 2 pax is Php4,500. Family Villa for 4 pax is Php8,500. Double Room for 2 pax is Php3,500 and Triple Room for 3 pax is Php4,500. Day Tour is 350 per person and you can rent the Hut for Php5,000.

πŸ’— Their Wi-Fi is fast and reliable.

We had to leave and move to Subic the next day because of personal reasons. Over all, we enjoyed this place and yes, we will come back.

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