Our “Slightly Unsatisfactory Stay” at ACEA Subic Bay

Our “Slightly Unsatisfactory Stay” at ACEA Subic Bay

After our Morong holiday, we decided to have another night away, but just in Subic Bay. I have been eyeing on this hotel because it’s kind of new. It’s a three-year-old hotel. We used to live in SBMA five years ago and have been familiar to most places there that’s why I’d like to experience this semi-new place.

Photos outside ACEA and at the Front Desk:

We checked in on September 20, 2019. 

ACEA Subic Bay is located at San Bernardo Rd, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, just past Subic Airport.

So, from Morong, it was only more or less one hour drive. 

If you Google this place, you will notice pretty pictures. It enticed me even more to go and try it. 

So, here are some of the UPs and DOWNs experiences during our sojourn:

I’ll start with the negative as it sums up the reason for the title of this blog.

πŸ‘Ž Rooms look nice. That’s all. They only look nice, especially if you are not concerned about the quality. They are not constructed properly. They have poor quality. Yes, after the whole construction experience I had building our own home, I have learned a lot and I now have eyes on looking at quality when it comes to building. Of course, all credits go to my strict and perfectionist husband. Lol. One thing we noticed upon entry of our room, while I was taking photos, was that the bathroom door could not be closed. It was immovable. Also, the wall where the split type air con is, got some leaks. I tried to ring the front desk people to report it but it took me six attempts before the receptionist finally answered my call. As expected, I was already in a cranky mood. She said they will send a worker to fix the problems, which made me even rattier. I told them we came to stay to relax and not have some workers fixing stuffs in the same room where we were meant to be relaxing. I had to go to the front desk to personally talk to them as I wasn’t given attention. In the end, they transferred and upgraded our room. To be honest, the second hotel room needs repair too. There was paint coming from the wall. Hotel seems to be not fully completed. All around, you see things that are not finished.

On the brighter side, the second room we got has a view of the swimming pool. And this time, staffs suddenly became nice and extra friendly to us. I even received a fruit platter as a gift in the evening.

Here are the photos of the room: (All rooms have similar design.)

Now, here are the photos of the two workers fixing stuffs while we are already in the room:

πŸ‘Ž There was a flood light used to light the pool at night and the power lead was just ran on the ground where people walked.

πŸ‘Ž The beach was small and the workers just racked rubbish and drift wood into piles and just left it there. It was not a pretty sight.

beach view. rubbish

πŸ‘Ž From the beach, the view of the buildings look old.

πŸ‘Ž Foods was a bit pricey. The buffet breakfast was okay but very limited selection.

Food we ordered when we just arrived:

The breakfast buffet:

Now, on the perkier side:

πŸ‘The pool view is beautiful! I guess this is where guests take pretty photos and use as profile pictures.

πŸ‘ The playground is awesome. Our kids adored it and even us, adults. There’s many toys and play materials they can enjoy.

By the way, the rates they advertised are as follows:

Superior Garden View = Php8,500

Superior Sea View = Php9,500

Deluxe Sea View = Php10,500

However, Agoda and Booking.com give better deals if you book with them and not directly to ACEA.

Generally, my family had a great quality time here, especially the kids. Nonetheless, if the rate stays the same with the service and quality of the place as a whole, I might not go back.

More photos our our family Quality Time:

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