My First Time to Try Kite-surfing in Morong, Bataan

My First Time to Try Kite-surfing in Morong, Bataan


Since I have not been able to travel to kite, (I have a new baby and got busy with the construction of our house) I have not had my equipment out for about two years.

I wasn’t going to be surprised if I had some issues with my equipment due to the length of time of not using it. Well, it started from the beginning which was taking them out of the storage. When I was inspecting my kiteboard at home, the leg rope had just fallen apart. This is not a show stopper but this leg rope does help in the surf, so I don’t have to end up chasing my board. I did a repair but for last resort. Our plan was to travel through Subic bay and I do know a few shops that were possible spots to pick up a new leg rope. In the end, I found a 10ft leg rope at Boardwater Marine in SBMA and the price was not bad for the short notice.

my leg rope repair

I took my kiteboard which is about 5′ 11” and my 12m and 11m kite. I took spare bars, pump, and even a harness, as I plan for the worst. The plan was to stay one night south of Brgy. Nagbalayong beach then go to the north of the beach in Brgy Panibatuhan. I had done some research and have been a few times to the area to check it out. The more north you went on the beach more it was congested with people and bunker boat.  At this time of the year, due to big waves and wind, there is lots of driftwood on the beach. Always wind is gusty and comes with rain. More rain means strong wind. The wind is mainly onshore with the slightest cross not much, this makes it difficult to get out past the breaks.

We were in contact with the hotel as we were expecting a red flag for the beach. (meaning no person near or on the beach due to weather.) Before we arrived, the reception had contacted us and informed us it was a red flag for the beach. She asked if we were still coming, so she could get permission for me to go to the beach. When we arrived at the hotel, they still were waiting for permission’s approval. The hotel we stayed at is PUESTA DEL SOL VILLAS. (Read Cindy’s Blog to know about our stay in this hotel.)

setting up LINES
getting my BOARD ready
pumping the KITE
connecting the LINES

The wind was blowing but after some 20min the rain came. After that, the wind went to a light breeze. This was around mid-day. After this, the barangay captain gave permission to the hotel we were staying at and allowed me to enter the water. I still set up my gear as I did have a concern that the kite may not inflate. Normally, due to long storage valves just peel off. It all seemed ok, but after waiting, one of the struts deflated. This is not a show stopper as I can isolate my struts from the leading edge.

I did try and launch a few times, knowing I was pushing my luck with the strength of the wind. The manager of the hotel requested one of their lifeguards to keep an eye on me. This helped me. I showed him how to help launch and land the kite for me, especially that there were lots of driftwood around the area and could do some damage to the kite. I also got my trainer kite out and he had a play around flying the smaller kite while we waited. After waiting for about 4 hours, the wind started to pick up to a good breeze. As I was going over the equipment just doing my checks, I notice the leading edge was soft. So, I knew that there is a small leak. Most likely at the valves somewhere.  The wind was not stronger enough to justify the 11m, So I just pump up the 12m again and went for it.

teaching the lifeguard how to LAUNCH my kite
chat while waiting for the wind
Lifeguard’s try on the Trainer Kite

The best direction I found to go to get past the break was to go south. Ran into a problem as I was near the end of the beach, and then the land went out to a point. At that point, I was not quite past all the break so when I turn to go north, the wind strength and the waves just continues to push me to the shore, I found it hard to stay upwind in this direction. I tried a few times and the same result. I then walked with my kite in the air more north passed our Hotel. I was thinking this should give me enough distance to get past the point. As I re-entered the water and start to fly the kite, I noticed it was looking soft and was not easy to control. So, I had to call it quits.

In the end, the wind direction is not the best for trying to ride the surf. My equipment had a pretty big failure (My fault). From the location I was, I needed to be a bit more north to get past the break and not hit the point, this would make it much easy and could enjoy the surf.  I have always thought that this area needs a bit bigger kite, I would look for a 15m or 17m. (I weigh about 84Kg) This would allow us to go out with the light winds then depower when it picks up. I understand it might be a bit slower kite. We did not end up staying another night due to personal reasons and we had to go home. I would go back and try north of this beach in Brgy Nagbalayong. There is has another point but this goes direction east then after small distance the beach heads south again. I think this could be a better spot for the direction of wind I had.

I had fun, I learned a little more of the area and I will be back to try and find the spot.  Also, my family could use the facility while I did my sport. Also, the drive from where we live is not far to go.  Next time I make sure my equipment is up to standard.  

Below is a short video clip of the kitesurf experience. (Our son was trying to get Cindy’s camera while the video is being taken, thus, it is moving a lot.)

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