Long Drive on a Sunday: A Day Trip in Morong, Bataan

Long drive is our thing. As it is always a joy to be in our destination, there are also ways to enjoy the journey itself. Driving is like LIFE. There could be rough roads, traffic, bad weather, and others – but there will always be great things on the way… Like the nature we see, songs we sing and listen to, and stories that we share.

One Sunday morning (September 15, 2019), we decided to go on a day trip. We used to live near the beach, in Subic. But because of school and other reasons, we had to move to a city. That’s why we miss living near the water. 

We went to Morong to check the beach, wind and waves, and some hotels and resorts. 

These are what we have observed:

  • RED FLAG – This means the Municipality stops water activities due to bad weather. However, for surfers and kite surfers, waves and wind are important so little rain will not be a hinder. It’s a bit of a shame that we went here and surfing is prohibited. In La Union, when they announce RED FLAG, that means Swimming is not allowed but surfing can be done at one’s own risk. Most of the hotels we went to here in Morong will never allow my husband to surf, except for one, the PUESTA DEL SOL VILLAS, who said they will allow him as long as he signs a waiver of agreement stating the risk of going.
  • PRICEY ACCOMMODATION – For some reason, I cannot believe the ridiculous room rates in this area. I had the same observation five years ago. Even an old resort or hotel starts at 2500 peso which has very basic amenities. Most charge between 3500 to 7000 pesos. They all have rainy day promos or discounts, but to us, it is still comparable to the rates of five-star or newly-built hotels.
  • DAY TRIP RESORTS’ RATES are REASONABLE – While it is expensive to stay overnight, every resort has its Day Tour that only costs around 150 to 500 pesos and amenities are already free of charge.

So far that’s all for a day trip… Here’s a YouTube video to sum up our day.


When going on a TRIP, near or far, everyone should be on his and her designated seat. KIDS must be on the CAR SEATS. Buckled up safely.

To enjoy, KEEP SAFE!!!

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