Lunch Date at Sumo Niku

Sometimes, all we need is chitchat over food with the best friend. Fourteen years ago, when we were in university, we used to be always together doing food trips, window shopping, sleepover at each other’s houses and never-ending chats.

It all changed when both started focusing on own families. So moments like these are rare and special to me. Fourteen years later, we just had kids… But we are still both mayarti, kengkoy, jologs and pretty. lol

We both are busy mums. We are hands-on and we even feel bad for leaving our children to our parents, once in a while. However, I have realized something:  Do not ever feel guilty if you do things that make you happy because it will make your spirit healthy. 

Please watch my new YouTube video to see a glimpse of our lunch out.

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